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Press Release September 15 2020

We are happy to announce that we will be joining forces with Kjell A Østnes AS in Aviation Service and Support.


Both companies have fully owned subsidiaries providing complementary after sales services and support to helicopter operators. Both parties share the experience that helicopter operators increasingly demand more complete and integrated solutions to help streamline their own operations. In our view this will ultimately lead to a more efficient value chain where operators become less integrated and more profitable, a similar development seen for value chains for e.g. capital goods and heavy machinery. 


Read more in the attached press release:

Press Release November 8 2019

Aeroservice is pleased to announce that after negotiations the Part 145 Maintenance, Trading and CAMO Organization (Norwegian Camo Support AS) will be transferring ownership from Fonnafly Group AS, to Aeroservice A/S (Termad Invest AS), owned by Mads Engen Sopp and Terje Bakke, from January 1st 2020. Aeroservice AS are specialists in Airbus Helicopter 1st Generation. The new independent maintenance organization will be named XO Maintenance. XO Maintenance will continue in the tradition of Fonnafly AS and Helifly Maintenance to deliver the highest standard of aviation maintenance, products and services.


Read more in the attached press release:

We buy everything from servicable, unserviceable helicopters (fleets) to surplus stock. We are constantly seeking for opportunities to purchase inventory, ranging from parts to complete inventory. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to make an offer.

You can contact us at Aeroservice AS

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