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Aeroservice AS supplies Alouette and Lama operators around the world with all their needs.

Alouette and Lama Support

Aeroservice AS has been supporting 1st Generation Airbus Alouette and Lama helicopters since 2012. Today we are able to provide our customers with quality products and service in order to keep the Alouette and Lama operating worldwide.


We have a network of of qualified stations capable of Overhauling, Inspection and Repair and almost 3 million stocked items for sale and for internal use.


Contact us for information regards the support of your Alouette and Lama helicopters

Airbus Helicopters

Alouette II Artouste

Alouette II Astazou

Alouette III Artouste

Alouette III Astazou




SE 3130/SE 313B

SA 3180/SA 318B/SA 318C

SE 3160/SA 316B/SA 316C

SA 319B

SA 315B



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